Pet Accident and Illness Insurance


Country Lane Veterinary has researched different pet insurance options, and below are three that we think may fit you and your pet the best. Click on the links or call the insurances below to receive free quotes. 

Websites and Phone Numbers for the Insurances we recommend:

What is pet accident and illness insurance?

Pet Insurance- coverage for accident and illness, covered in the same category as boats, recreational vehicles etc.

All have deductible, and variable limits and may cover or not cover different diseases and accidents.

  • Accident
    • Hit by a car, broken bones, cut, foreign body etc.
  • Illness
    • Infection, cancer etc.

Wellness Policy- can only have in addition to insurance policy

No deductibles, varies in coverage and options based on carrier

Most covers some of regular office visits, vaccinations, heartworm tests etc. and are dependent on the company.

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